Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Co-op Rotation Instructions

Co-op students on rotations are required to complete the following assignments in order to receive a passing grade for the co-op course:

  • The Co-op Rotation Information form and the Goals & Objectives form are due within the first two weeks upon arrival to your company
  • The Assignment Evaluation and Assignment Report are due two weeks before the end of the academic semester
  • Updates to your advisor should be sent by email on week six and week twelve for an 18 week rotation, and on week seven for a summer rotation.

Check your university email account once a week for program updates, reminders, or announcements and for instructions regarding class registration.
To access these forms, log onto your Co-op Wizard (CWiz) account

  • Click on your Profile tab and the Cooperative Education link from the drop-down menu
  • Locate and edit the draft of your current rotation information form
  • Complete the required information for this rotation and submit the form
  • Upon submission, the other forms to access will appear on the right hand side

If you have any questions or problems with your CWiz account, you may call us at 864-656-3150.