Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Co-op Assignment Reports Instructions

Your final report should be 2 to 3 pages in length. When you submit your final report, we would like for you to answer the following questions about the nature of your assignment. Organize your report with the headings for each section as shown below.

Student Information




Co-op Course: (i.e. COOP 1010, COOP 1020,…COOP 1040)

Company Information

  • Please state the name of the department you where you worked and share information about the role your department has within your company’s organization.

Work Environment

  • Describe any formal or informal orientation you received upon your arrival (First rotations usually have more formal/extensive orientations)
  • Describe the general work environment within your company and department
  • Explain your day-to-day and/or week-to-week routine

Long and Short Term Projects

  • Describe the types of projects you managed or assisted with
  • Give examples and a short description of long term projects you were assigned or of your main project
  • Give examples and a short description of a short term projects you were assigned
  • Describe what you felt was your greatest accomplishment/contributions to your team or describe which project was the most challenging and engaging

Travel Experience and/or International Engagement (Optional)

  • If you traveled for your company (within the United States or abroad) during this rotation, please describe where you traveled and why
  • If you worked with students from other countries/states, please describe
  • If you worked under a mentor from another country or with a team of people from other countries, please share your experience
  • If you collaborated with organizations in another country/state please share your experience

Overall Impression and Advice to New Students

Tell us what you liked the most about this assignment and about what you liked the least Give advice to a student considering a co-op and/or beginning their first rotation with your company