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Meet Our Co-op Ambassadors

Co-op Ambassadors

The Clemson University Co-op Program has an energetic group of student volunteers serving as the Co-op Program Ambassadors. The ambassadors help promote our program around campus, assist during the co-op Meet & Greets and Interview Days, and help us identify ways we can improve our program and build a sense of community among our students. To learn more about our ambassodors, click on their name below.

First Row:

Delany Pacula, Bethany Moorefield, Lindsay Bjerken, Mandy Turner,
Grace Westbury, Shelby Ewart, Anya Housianitis


Second Row:

Ryan Hull, Aurie Jones, Aria Caime, Adam Tuiletufuga, Neal O’Sullivan


Third Row:

Brittany Haber, Ryan Williamson

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