Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

The Co-op Concept - One Hundred Years of Engaged-learning

Cooperative Education is an academic engaged-learning program designed to provide the student with an opportunity to learn under a mentor in his or her field of study.  Students are employed full-time, with pay, by a participating company.  Semesters of co-op rotations typically alternate with semesters of classes and result in significant full-time experience for each student.


With engaged-learning as the emphasis of the program, the students’ experiences are monitored by an academic staff of co-op advisors to ensure a successful teaching and learning process.  Companies serve as teaching partners of the University and the co-op experience becomes an integral part of the student’s education.


The Co-op Program involves students across the spectrum of majors at the University.  However, the majority of participating students come from the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.  This reflects the one hundred year-old history of Cooperative Education as the engaged-learning experience for engineering students.  


Engineering students commit to a minimum of three rotations to complete the program.  All other majors may complete the program with at least two rotations.