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Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Who we are

Connecting educational experiences with professional aspirations

A collaboration between the Cooperative Education Program, the University Professional Internship/Co-op (UPIC) Program, and the Michelin Career Center of Clemson University; CCPD's services and professional partnerships empower students as they transition into successful careers.


  • Diversity statement

    We strive to educate ourselves and others about the issues of a pluralistic society. We are committed to reaching beyond the views of individuals to value a community that appreciates and learns from each others' similarities and differences. Our services and programs will seek to create a safe environment that affirms the dignity and worth of each individual regardless of their differences.


    We will set an example of commitment to embracing differences, including those differences that are not visually apparent. We will welcome and serve people regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, religion, socioeconomic status and physical and mental abilities. In addition, we encourage employers to maintain a similar standard of commitment to diversity.

Our programs

Cooperative Education Program

The Cooperative Education Program provides an opportunity for students to alternate semesters of academic study with semesters of paid, career-related, engaged-learning experience.

Internship Programs

The Center for Career and Professional Development offers many unique services for students as well as for both on-campus and off-campus employers regarding providing, developing and securing an internship opportunity.

Career Development and Recruiting

The Michelin Career Center offers many unique services, such as career assessments, career workshops, mock interviews, on-campus recruiting / interviewing, and job search counseling and assistance.

Employer Relations

Through the Career Center, employers can effectively connect to students, more easily identify potential candidates, and greatly increase their company's visibility.

Student planning


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    Sophomores and Juniors
    By exploring Clemson majors and their related careers, students may develop focused career goals by taking a career assessment and meeting with our counselors.

    Because our workshops cover topics like resume writing, job searching, interviewing, and networking, students who attend may become well versed in professional expectations. They can further practice what they learn by applying for UPIC internships or co-ops.

    Volunteering in the community, planning for graduate school, or studying abroad are also valuable steps students might take during this time.


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    Since they will soon be on the market, it is important that students regularly check Clemson Job Link for new job postings. They should be applying for jobs with up-to-date resumes that are informed by their researching specific employers

    Students conduct mock interviews with career counselors at CCPD and virtually using Clemson Job Link's Mock Interview System.

    Networking is extremely important at this time, so students should plan to attend any relevant career fairs and events on campus and actively seek new connections on LinkedIn.

    While every Clemson student's career path is unique, CCPD is here to help every step of the way!

Areas of Interest