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Career Development & Recruiting


Strong Interest Inventory (free)

Based on John Holland’s Six Career Personality Types, The Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory is a tool that can help students to evaluate their work interests. This assessment can show how your interests compare to those of professionals in hundreds of occupations. Students can either come by the Career Resource Center, 316 Hendrix Student Center to take this assessment during our office hours or they can take the assessment online by clicking here for instructions. ALL students must make an appointment with a career counselor to view the results of their 14 page assessment. If you need an alternate format for reviewing the strong interest inventory results, please request this when scheduling your appointment so your career counselor can be prepared with the most appropriate format for reviewing your profile. To make an appointment, Call (864) 656-0440.

Focus2 (free)

FOCUS 2 is a self-paced, interactive career guidance tool that provides you with a complete picture of your interests, values, skills, and personality using self-assessment questionnaires, interest inventories, and personality testing.  It is designed to help you make decisions about your Clemson major, explore various career options, and provide valuable occupational information.  Another great feature is being able to identify and track career competencies that employers and graduate schools are seeking in new candidates. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ($35)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument measures personality preference on four scales; Extraversion - Introversion (E - I), Sensing - Intuition (S - N), Thinking - Feeling (T - F), and Judgment - Perception (J - P). This Indicator lets you examine your style of communicating, making decisions, and planning – and relate your style to work environments. Students may come by our Career Resource Center, 316 Hendrix Student Center to take this assessment during our office hours. Students must make an appointment with a counselor to view the results of their assessment.

TypeFocus (free)

Cost - Free This tool will assess your personality based on your preferences available via the Career Center website. The password and ID are available only to Clemson students. Your 4-letter personality preference can give you insight into: What career choices fit with my personality? How can I improve my chances for getting a job? How can I get along with people better? What are my learning style strengths? We encourage students to make an appointment with a counselor to review their TypeFocus results. Students can call the Career Resource Center at (864) 656-0440 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.