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ClemsonJobLink is powered by Symplicity, the world's largest network of college and university career centers and includes over 5 million employers. Through ClemsonJobLink, students are able to connect not only with employers who are directly seeking Clemson graduates, but also with employers across the country who are posting at numerous colleges and universities. For employers who are seeking a Clemson graduate, ClemsonJobLink can help to effectively connect with Clemson students and recent alumni to achieve their recruiting goals.


Current Students

Students should use their Novell username and password (same as Banner, iRoar and lab computers) to log into ClemsonJobLink.

Students should be aware of our Privacy Policy and our No-Show Policy as it relates to your recruiting activities.

First Year Alumni

First Year Alumni (Alumni who graduated less than 12 months) should use the email address and password you used to activate your alumni accoount. If you have not requested to activate your alumni account, click here to request your alumni access.

Alumni should be aware of our Privacy Policy and our No-Show Policy as it relates to your recruiting activities.


Alumni should use the email address and password you used to activate your alumni accoount. Alumni accounts are extended after graduation upon request. Alumni in their first year after graduation (First Year Alumni) will contunue to use ClemsonJobLink, all other alumni will be using to the Alumni Career Services system.

For most Alumni, if you need your account activated for Alumni Career Link, you will need to complete the registration form for Alumni Career Services to activate your existing account. Alumni who complete the form and graduated before 2005 will have a new account created.  Click here. to register for the Alumni Career Services system

New Students

New student accounts are created in the Fall and Spring semesters three days before the first day of classes. Until that time, new students may access ClemsonJobLink using our browse only account. Click here to view the browse only account information and to log into ClemsonJobLink. To view the page, you will have to first provide your Clemson University id and password (the same user name and password as for iRoar).

Employers click here to log into OR register for ClemsonJobLink

Employers can post part-time and full-time jobs and internships, schedule interviews, recruit and communicate with students.

If your job posting requires 3 or more years of experience, you may post to the Alumni Career Link system by selecting "CLEMSON-ALUMNI" from the "[log into other system]" menu option at the top right of your ClemsonJobLink account home page.

You may also log directly into the Alumni Career Link system using your CJL account credentials by going here:

Faculty click here to create an account in ClemsonJobLink

Search job postings, review on-campus interview postings, recommend jobs and employers to your students / majors, search for and communicate with employers. Faulty or Staff requesting an account must have an "" email address.

Trouble logging in:


Students, the Clemson JobLink system is accessed through the University’s authentication system. If you cannot remember your student ID or password, please call the CCIT help desk for assistance.

Students or Alumni, Need to have your account reactivated or reset?

Students who have extended their education beyond 5 years, graduating students who are continuing into Graduate School, and alumni who wish to access ClemsonJobLink, may need to reactivate or reset their account. Please complete this form and an email will be sent to you with log-in instructions as soon as we can process your request. If you experience prolonged difficulty accessing ClemsonJobLink, please contact the Career Center during normal business hours at (864) 656-6000.


Non-Recruit Accounts: Employers WITHOUT a Symplicity Recruit account may call the Career Center at 656-6000 for assistance or email us at

Symplicity Recruit Accounts: Employers WITH Recruit accounts may contact Symplicity's Recruit support at 703-647-3143 or complete their support web form at If you need your password reset you may also click the Reset Password link here or on the Recruit Log-in screen.