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ClemsonJobLink is the leading provider of university career networks which enable employers to reach the targeted candidates that best meet the organization's needs. ClemsonJobLink can help employers to effectively connect with Clemson's faculty, students and first year alumni to achieve their recruiting goals. Alumni Career Services has contracted with the same system to provide our experienced alumni with the same great resources they had as a student.

Alumni should use their emaill address associated with their account as their User ID. For many alumni that may still be their Clemson email address (ie, ""). Your password would have been emailed to you at the time you requested your account to remain active after graduation. If you have not requested this or cannot remember your password, please follow the link below to Reactivate or Reset your account.

Click here to Reactivate or Reset your ClemsonJobLink account.

If you graduated BEFORE 2018, and you need your account activated you will need to complete the registration form for Alumni Career Services to activate your existing account. Alumni who graduated before 2005 will have a new account created.  Click here. to register for the Alumni Career Services system. You may also contact Debby Cremer at (864) 656-0295 or email her at for more information.