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Dear Parents and Families:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Clemson University and the Center for Career and Professional Development. Our staff developed this website to give you a broad overview of the career development process and the resources that are available to you and your student. This Family resource page is a work in progress, so check back often and follow the links below to learn more!


Neil Burton, PhD
Executive Director


Parents Frequently Asked Questions

We help students from the time of their first class on campus, up to a year after they graduate. So, please encourage your student to call our office or stop by during our office hours to schedule an appointment or stop by for a drop-in.

We offer several career assessments that can hopefully provide your student with more insight into their work-related skills, abilities, and values. Taking one of these assessments and having one of our career counselors interpret the results is a good first-step in the major exploration process.

Some majors have specific careers for which they prepare students. Other majors can prepare students for multiple fields or further education and training in graduate or professional programs. A resource on our website that you and your student may find helpful is the "What Can I Do With This Major" resource and our "Clemson Degree Programs" information site. A resource that is helpful in researching specific career fields' responsibilities, training/educational requirements, salary, and projection data is the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Qualifying for Federal Work-Study positions depends on a student’s financial aid package and successful submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1st.  Please visit the Clemson Student Financial Aid Office’s website for more information.  The Clemson Student Financial Aid Office will initiate all communication, with qualified students, regarding available Federal Work-Study positions.

Students can utilize ClemsonJobLink to search for part-time positions on-campus and in the surrounding area. Student should also contact Clemson University departments about potential part-time jobs that may not be listed on ClemsonJobLink. Many student have gained part-time jobs with the following units of Clemson University in the past: Campus Dining Services, Campus Recreation, Clemson Libraries, Clemson University Barnes and Noble Bookstore and TigerPaw Productions.

Students can utilize ClemsonJobLink, CareerShift, and GOINGLOBAL to search for internship and full-time job openings. Students should also remember to use their personal networks when looking for positions (friends, family, peers, professors, mentors, etc.). We also encourage all students to attend our spring and fall career fairs.

Yes, attending a career fair is even beneficial for students that are not actively seeking a position. Students can build their network by making professional connections, they can gain experience talking to individuals in a professional setting, and they can learn about the many opportunities that they may be interested in applying for in the future.

Students who are interested in Co-op should first check out the information available on the Co-op's webpage and then they can schedule an appointment with a Co-op staff member by calling 864-656-3150.