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Co-op Student On Assignment


Whether you are a student or a company who is considering participation in the program, I hope that you will capture our sense of excitement about the good things happening here!

The Cooperative Education Program (Co-op Program) offers a structured academic engaged-learning experience to undergraduate students.  For over 100 years, Cooperative Education has been a premier engaged-learning program. 

In 1906, the engineering faculty at the University of Cincinnati implemented an experiential education component to the engineering curriculum which afforded students the opportunity to learn and work under a mentor in their field of study.  This learning-by-doing model continues to make sense today and over 1000 students at Clemson currently participate!

Engaged-learning is about engaging academic material from a different perspective.  It offers students an opportunity to apply some of the theory learned in classes.  It adds a contextual dimension to the material, resulting in a deeper understanding.

Clemson’s program is a traditional co-op program with each student’s experience being monitored by the program’s academic staff.

In addition, the work experience that students get in their field is significant and many of our students go on to work for their co-op employers upon graduation.

Participation in the program also makes sense for companies and we hope you will consider joining us as a teaching partner! 

Please enjoy exploring our webpages and if you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Again, we welcome you!

Dr. Jeff Neal