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Students Benefit from the Co-op Program

The Two Main Reasons Why Students Participate:

  •  It’s a great way to learn!
  •  It’s a great way to graduate from Clemson with significant full-time experience in your field of study!
Tell me and I forget;
Show me and I remember
Involve me and I understand."

The ancient words of this proverb express so well what the Cooperative Education Program is about.  When given the chance to apply theory that is learned in class, students gain a greater understanding of the material from a different perspective.  Students report that when they are on a co-op rotation, they learn new concepts in their field as well as material not yet covered in their classes.  Beyond the educational benefits of the program, students also agree that the significant full-time experience the program offers gives them a competitive edge when seeking employment upon graduation.

Co-op experience is important to students in many ways.  The classroom provides engineering students with the foundation, but it is the workplace that allows students to create and innovate in the real world.  I know this first hand from my days as a Clemson Engineering Co-op years ago! At Bosch specifically, we assign each co-op a mentor. Often these relationships continue as the individual transitions from student to professional.  Engineering is a challenging career, but the opportunities are tremendous. Clemson knows this and does a great job linking industry and education, while preparing students for these rewarding careers.” 

- Mike Mansuetti, President of Robert Bosch LLC, Clemson alumnus and former Clemson Engineering Co-op Student. 
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Cooperative Education Program Staff

Back Row: Alison Fecher, Maria Torres, Pam Hawthorne.
Front Row: Dr. Jeff Neal, Monique Elmore, Jeff Moore