Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

The Co-op Program Stats

Program Participation Remains at High Levels

The program continues to be one of the largest volunteer Co-op Programs in the country. The 2022-2023 enrollment figure was 1,260.

95% Student Satisfaction with Co-op Assignments

65% of the students reported that their co-op assignment had either Exceeded or Substantially Exceeded their expectations. Another 30% reported that their assignments had met expectations and only 5% reported that their assignments had room to improve. This is a 95% satisfaction rating among our students!

Nationally Ranked Co-op Program - #19

The program has been ranked by US News & World Report as one of the top 20
co-op programs in the country for the past several years.  The program is highly regarded throughout higher education and industry.

Attendance at Advising Sessions and Meetings: 3,425

3,425 advising sessions and class meetings took place between students and their co-op advisors/instructors during the course COOP 1000 – Introduction to Cooperative Education.

3,511 interviews, 94% received offers

Of the 275 companies who actively partner with the program, more than 1/3 of them are on campus each semester to fill their open co-op slots. About 3,500 interviews took place during interview events. 94% of students received offers. 

55 Site Visits

As part of monitoring/evaluating the co-op students while on assignment, the co-op advisors conducted 55 site visits.  These visits also allow the co-op staff to meet with company managers to maintain the teaching partner relationship between the company and the University.