Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Cooperative Education Program

The Co-op Program and Financial Aid

Most scholarship and financial aid programs allow students to participate in the Cooperative Education Program with no loss of eligibility and with renewal requirements that take into account those terms students are on assignment.

Because participation in the Co-op Program requires students to be on assignment during regular academic semesters (i.e. spring and/or fall semester) it is the student’s responsibility to understand the eligibility and renewal requirements for any and all awarded financial aid. This includes grants, scholarships or loans. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to accepting a co-op assignment to ensure that they understand how to remain in compliance.

Please follow the links below for current co-op program information regarding the Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarships as posted with the Office of Financial Aid.

For more information regarding the Co-op Program and your financial aid, contact the financial aid office in Sikes Hall at (864) 656-2280 or visit the  Financial Aid Web site.