Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Cooperative Education Program

Salary Survey Chart

Current information from 21-22, 22-23 will be updated in August

Clemson University

Average Base Salary




Academic Disciplines


1st Rotation
CO-OP 1010


2nd Rotation
CO-OP 1020


3rd Rotation
CO-OP 1030

Engineering / STEM




Business & Social Sciences *




Packaging Science *





*Non-engineering majors may complete the program with two rotations.

Updated August 2022


Additional Stipends Offered Above Average Base Salary:

  • Many companies within driving distance to campus (less than 50 miles) are offering gas stipends. The average gas stipend is $298 per month.
  • Almost every company that requires students to relocate provides some form of housing assistance. Some companies provide an apartment, some offer a one-time or a monthly stipend. The average housing stipend is $707 per month.