Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Copperative Education

S.C. Experiential Learning Grant

The Center for Career & Professional Development is excited to announce the S.C. Experiential Learning Grant: Intern&Earn, a state-funded pilot program for undergraduate students engaging in off-campus internships and co-op experiences in Summer 2024. The following information is specifically for co-op students.

Undergraduate co-op students must be formally enrolled in the Cooperative Education Program and be registered for COOP 1010, COOP 1020, COOP 1030, COOP 2010 or COOP 2020.

Students enrolled in an eligible CO-OP course may qualify for the Grant and receive funding for their co-op experience ranging from $750 to $3250. This pilot program's disbursements depend on variables like a student’s state residency and financial need.

Requirements of grant recipients:

  • Enroll in the Cooperative Education Program and register for an eligible CO-OP course (e.g., COOP 1010/1020/1030/2010/2020). This enrollment may be concurrent with a major-specific or degree program-required course.

  • Funds will be disbursed to recipients via their student financial aid accounts after they have enrolled in a qualifying course.

  • Failure to enroll in or successfully pass the CO-OP course will result in a "hold" placed on your Clemson account until the funds are repaid.

Summer 2024 Tiered Funding Structure:

$750 Out of State Student Residency
$1250 In State Student residency
$3250 First Generation or Low Income


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There is no required major for the S.C. Experiential Learning Grant program. Qualifying students must be an undergraduate student at Clemson University.

There is no required minimum GPA for the S.C. Experiential Learning Grant program. Qualifying students must be an undergraduate student at Clemson University.

A co-op advisor is available to answer your questions about your participation in the Cooperative Education Program. Please contact Pam Hawthorne at, and she will provide you with contact information for your co-op advisor based on your major.

Student Financial Aid is responsible for awarding and disbursement of Experiential Learning Grants through Banner. Once funds are disbursed and a credit occurs on the student’s bill, the refund is processed through Student Financial Services based on account information provided by the student. In the event the student will exceed overall need or cost of attendance with the awarding of these grant funds, either loan or scholarship adjustments may occur. These adjustments could result in the student receiving a partial grant or the grant will be fully utilized to offset an overaward resulting in no refund. Student Financial Aid works in collaboration with the Co-op and Internship offices throughout these processes.