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Interview Cancelation Policy

Cancelling without notice or failure to show for a scheduled interview with an employer is unprofessional and not taken lightly. Cancellations and no-shows reflect badly on not only the student, but also the University as a whole. The following procedure for canceling an interview must be followed or ClemsonJobLink privileges will be suspended until the proper procedure is completed.

Procedures for Canceling a Scheduled Interview:

If you are not interested in pursuing a scheduled interview with an employer after being selected as a PRE-SELECT or ALTERNATE candidate, you MUST cancel at least 48 hours prior to the interview. You must notify both the employer and the Career Center( of your cancellation by email.

If you must cancel an interview with less than 48 hours notice, you must call 864-656-6000 as soon as possible. Leave your name, employer your interview is scheduled with, time of interview and reason why you will not be keeping your appointment. You are responsible for sending an email to the employer, and copying the Career Center(, explaining why you will not be participating in the interview.

For any questions on this policy, please call 864-656-6000 and ask to speak to an Employer Relation’s team member.