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Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program was created by Executive Order in 1977 and has become the flagship leadership development program at the entry level in the federal government for candidates holding an advanced degree. Students interested in public service and leadership should consider applying to this highly competitive, rigorous leadership program. Clemson University is proud to connect our students with this program.

Presidential Management Fellowship details:

  • Two-year fellowship at a federal agency (full-time, paid with benefits)
  • Initial appointment at the GS-9, 11, or 12 (or equivalent), based on qualifications and agency needs
  • MAY be non-competitively converted to a term or permanent position
  • Minimum of 80 hours each year of formal training (leadership, management, policy and other topics)
  • Assigned to a senior-level mentor to further your development
  • Mandatory 4 to 6 month developmental assignment
  • Optional rotational opportunities
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) and annual performance plans
  • Challenging work assignments
  • Opportunities to network with other Fellows and current leaders in the government

For a full overview of the program, view the “PMF Presentation for Academic Institutions.”

Career fields are open to all disciplines. In 2012, the PMF STEM track was developed to help fill mission critical occupations in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Applicants can choose to apply to the traditional track or the STEM track based on your disciplines eligibility. Sample disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting/Finance/MBA
  • Information Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • International Affairs/Policy
  • Health/Medical Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Statistics
  • Federal Acquisitions
  • Public Policy
  • Human Resources
  • Public Administration
  • Various Engineering Disciplines
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Animal Sciences/Veterinary
  • Food Science
  • Mathematics
  • Pharmacology
  • Physics
  • Oceanography

General Eligibility Information:

  • Completion of advanced degree requirements (e.g. master’s, Ph.D., J.D.) by August 31 of the following year of the annual application


  • Have completed an advanced degree from a qualifying college or university during the previous two years from the opening date of the application
  • Note: Opportunities for non-U.S. citizens are very rare.

See the specific class year eligibility requirements for more details.

Application Process:

  • Announcement is posted at, typically in the fall
  • Application is submitted online and consists of:
    • Resume
    • Transcript
    • Supporting documentation for preference or accommodations
    • Online assessment with three components: situational judgment, life experience, and critical thinking skills
    • Essay
  • In-person assessment process was eliminated in 2017
  • Finalists are selected based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:
    • Eligibility and complete applications
    • Estimate projections from Federal agencies
    • Past statistics on number of Finalists/Fellows
    • Online assessment scores
  • Applicants are notified via email
    • No appeal process if denied
    • Finalists then proceed into the placement process and have 12 months to accept and start a PMF appointment with an agency, which changes their status from “Finalists” to “Fellows”

Michelin® Career Center’s Role in the Process:

  • Promote this program on campus
  • Help to inform interested students about application tips, deadlines, requirements, and updates
  • Critique resumes
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Support applicants throughout the process
  • Provide space for the online assessment
  • Connect applicants with Clemson alumni who have served as Fellows and with an individual who was in the first Fellow class and has served as an interviewer in the PMF program

For more information on the Presidential Management Program, please visit To connect with the Michelin® Career Center and the PMF Program, please contact Kathy Horner at 864-656-2160 or Randa Johnson at 864-656-4189.