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Spring 2020 Career Fair

February 4 & 5, 2020 - Technology, manufacturing, engineering and sciences industry fair, Noon to 4:00 pm

February 6, 2020 - Social sciences, humanities, and business industry fair, Noon to 4:00 pm

Location: Littlejohn Coliseum

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How to Prepare for the Fair

Step 1: Research

Do research on the companies prior to the fair. Make a list of your top companies you hope to visit at the fair. Research those companies history, what positions they have open, what skills they are looking for, if they have full-time, part-time or internships available, what majors they are targeting and more. Also, be prepared to tell them why you are interested in their company. Your preparation is what will make you stand out from the crowd!

List of Employers: See Who's Coming!

Company Map and Guide for All Three Days!


Step 2: Attend an Inside Edition Workshop & the Resume Blitz

Inside Edition Workshops will give you a brief overview of how to prepare, what to expect and the logistics of the fair. Employer representatives will be participating in the workshops to give professional tips. You will be able to interact with employers and ask them questions in a relaxed and personal setting.

The Resume Blitz will give you an opportunity to have your resume reviewed by career center staff and select employers prior to the fair.

Step 3: Prepare and Practice a 30 second Introduction

This is your quick introduction to the employer. State who you are, your major, the job you are interested in and what you can bring to their company.

Step 4: Your Resume

Stop by the Michelin Career Center - Resource Center and have your resume reviewed.

Visit during our drop in hours, 1:30 pm – 3:45 pm Monday through Friday, or attend a Resume Blitz to have your resume reviewed.

Be sure to bring a MINIMUM of 15-20 copies of your resume to the fair. For the career fair you should use regular, not high quality, paper for your resume. There will not be a printer at the fair.

Step 5: Dress to Impress

Dress professionally. Wear the same attire you would for an interview. Also, be aware that some employers interview the next day. You may want to have a fresh shirt or change of clothes ready for interviewing the day after the fair.

LADIES: make sure dresses and skirts are not too tight or short, right above the knee is perfect. Keep jewelry simple and do not wear perfume. Keep your hair from covering your nametag.

MEN: If you don’t have a dark suit, dress pants and a button down shirt with a tie is appropriate.

There will be a backpack drop off area located behind registration. However, The Center for Career and Professional Development cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen valuables.

Step 6: The Approach

Be confident and prepared. Shake hands, look the employer in the eye and fire off your 30-second introduction telling them about yourself and why you are interested in their particular company. Don’t cover your nametag with your folders, hair, etc., smile and be yourself! Do not be afraid to ask questions. Be sure your cell phone is on vibrate or silent.

Step 7: Follow Up

Ask recruiters how they would like you to follow up. Be sure to do what the recruiter asks you to do.

Want more fair advice?

Look here for CareerSpots Videos on Fairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we invite the general public and students from other universities to attend our career fairs. However, only Clemson students are permitted to participate in any on-campus or after fair interviews.

A networking event is one that allows students and company representatives to meet. Students gain a better understanding of what companies are looking for and companies are able to see students interested in their company. Students are not guaranteed a job interview from the fair, but students will gain valuable contacts.

Research companies attending the fair on ClemsonJoblink. Remember that this is a networking event. You may not walk away with an interview or a job, but you will walk away with a better understanding of what companies are looking for and valuable contacts at companies where you are interested in applying.

All after-fair interviews will be conducted in the North Stands Stadium Suites in Memorial Stadium (Football Stadium). Students will enter at Gate 6 (Ground Floor) and take the elevators up to LEVEL 2. On level two, you will check-in for each interview you have shceduled and will be directed to the appropriate waiting areas.

Companies often tell us it is the students who have done their research, come prepared and are dressed appropriately that make the most lasting impressions. Be prepared - We can’t say it enough! Research and have an understanding of what companies do. Have a basic understand of company values and be able to explain why you will make an ideal employee.

A lot of the companies represented at the Career Fair send representatives from offices that are closer to Clemson. Many companies have offices located throughout the United States. This is a great question to research on the company’s website!

Consider your skill set, jobs, internships, co-ops and the courses you have taken. Do not sell yourself short! Go up to the recruiter and let them know even though your major was not listed you have a lot to offer. Give concrete examples.

Many companies will ask you to go to their website or apply online as a formality and to get you into the official system. DO NOT however lessen the value of that face-to-face contact! Employers are taking notes and making assessments.

All companies will be placed alphabetically by Fair Sponsors and Regular Registrations with some deviation due to electrical needs.

You should print your resume in advance of attending the Fair. We will not have printers available for students.

Don’t wait! Many employers will start packing up to get on the road. The early bird catches the worm.