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On-campus Internships and Co-ops

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Student engagement is one of Clemson University’s areas of investment. To meet this goal Clemson has expanded its on-campus internship and co-op program to offer more students the opportunity to work closely with a member or members of Clemson's faculty or administration in an on-campus or Clemson affiliated position. Participating students will be given significant work that will help them prepare for their future careers. These are paid positions, and students can work part-time (12-15 hours/week) or full-time (28 hours/week).

  • Part-time interns must be enrolled, full-time (12+ credit hours during fall and spring semesters) undergraduate students in good academic standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0)
  • Full-time interns must also be undergraduate students in good academic standing. However, as a full-time intern, you are not required to be enrolled in any classes other than our required INT course. Upon graduation, you are no longer eligible for a UPIC position.

We are an academic internship and follow the academic calendar.

The University has made an investment to fund a portion of these experiences. If the hiring department can provide a quality on-campus learning experience, appropriate supervision, and 50% of the student intern's salary, then the University has committed to provide the academic tool for the student’s internship course enrollment and to fund 50% of the student intern's salary (based on an hourly salary of $14 for 160 part-time site hours or $16 for 320 full-time site hours).

Students interested in participating in the UPIC program can apply to UPIC internship positions through ClemsonJobLink. Summer and Fall positions are typically posted in mid-March. Spring positions are typically posted in mid-October. For more information on how to access ClemsonJobLink click here.