Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Information for Departments and Mentors

Since its inception in 2012, the UPIC program has exemplified student engagement as part of Clemson University's 2020 Road Map and now 2020 Forward. Annually, the UPIC program provides over 900 experiential learning opportunities for Clemson students . The program is a leader in the creation of a campus-wide culture that involves students partaking in meaningful and relevant developmental experiences. The University has made an investment to fund a portion of these experiences. If the host department can provide a quality on-campus learning experience, appropriate mentoring and supervision, and 50% of the student intern's salary, then the University has committed to provide the academic tool for the student’s internship course enrollment and to fund 50% of the student intern's salary.

NOTE: Mentors must be Clemson University staff or faculty members working in a full-time professional role.

According to the CEIA (Cooperative Education and Internship Association), an internship is an academically recognized work experience directly related to a student's major or field of interest. At Clemson University, the following criteria must be satisfied for an on-campus internship or co-op within the UPIC Program:

  • UPIC Internships/Co-ops should be specifically and intentionally beneficial to the student’s educational goals and academic progress.
    • NOTE: A UPIC internship experience should not displace a regular University employee position or be predominantly clerical/administrative duties.
  • UPIC Interns must be an enrolled, matriculating, full-time Clemson University undergraduate student in good standing.
  • UPIC Interns are required to enroll in the appropriate INT internship course based on a part-time or a full-time internship status.
    • NOTE: All interns must be hired and enrolled in the UPIC INT course by the last academic calendar day to add a class. Mentors should verify their intern’s INT course enrollment upon completion of all hiring paperwork.
  • Part Time interns are required to complete 160 site hours and Full Time interns are required to complete 320 site hours.

  • Internships are either part-time (typically 12-15 hours per week for a total of 160 hours per semester) or full-time (28 hours per week for a total of 320 hours per semester). In addition, co-ops are typically differentiated from internships in that they are multi-semester commitments instead of single semester commitments.
  • Postings/Recruitment will occur early in the semester prior to the experience. The department's application deadline for Spring internship postions is October 1st, and the deadline for Summer & Fall intership positions is March 1st.
  • NOTE: All interns must be hired and enrolled in the UPIC INT course by the last academic calendar day to drop a class or withdraw without a W. Mentors should verify their intern’s INT course enrollment upon completion of all hiring paperwork.

  • Approved part-time assignments will pay 50% of $14 an hour. Part-time assignments require interns to complete 160 hours for the semester.
  • Full-time assignments will pay 50% of $16 an hour. Full-time assignments will require students to work the maximum number of allowable hours (28 hours per week), however, students cannot exceed 28 hours per week. Full-time assignments require interns to complete 320 hours for the semester.
  • Departments interested in hosting an intern will be asked to cover 50% of the student’s pay. The UPIC Program will contribute the remaining 50% up to 160 hours for part-time interns and 320 hours for full-time interns. Hours worked over 160 for part-time interns or 320 for full-time interns will be charged 100% to the department.
  • Additionally, if a student has worked as a UPIC intern before but is new to your department (i.e., they have previously worked in another department that has participated or is participating in the UPIC program and they are now joining your department as a UPIC intern for the first time), it is at your discretion to determine whether the student receives a pay increase for that first experience with your department.
  • 5th Semester UPIC Interns Funding Change: Once an intern has completed 4 semesters as a UPIC Intern (cumulative of all semesters in ANY department), the 5th and all future semesters will not be fund matched by UPIC and the employing department will be responsible for 100% of the salary. Please note, the intern is still eligible to participate in the UPIC program, if the requirements are met, but they are not eligible for fund matching.
  • NOTE: If an intern exceeds the maximum hours allowed hours for the semester, 100% of the intern's salary would be billed to the host department. Interns cannot work over 28 a week; it is against HR/ACA policy.


Full-Time Intern (320 Hours, 50%, does NOT include fringe)
One Semester ($16)


Part-Time Intern (160 Hours, 50%, does NOT include fringe)
One Semester ($14)

To secure an internship through the University Professional Internship / Co-op Program, hosting departments must apply for 50% funding and position approval through the online application form. Once the position has been reviewed and approved, the UPIC program will advertise the position through ClemsonJobLink for students to apply. The host department’s mentor will facilitate the recruitment and selection process. Once a selection has been made, the host mentor will offer the internship position to their selected candidate(s) and then notify the UPIC program of their selection.

Quick Steps/How To

  • Secure supervisor’s permission to participate in the program
  • Locate appropriate funding source (50% of student’s salary)
  • Complete the online application form including a detailed position description
  • Recruit, interview and select a student by the last day of the semester to add a course
  • Inform UPIC program Coordinator of student hire via
  • Supervise and mentor the student intern for the semester