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Student Information

Annually the University Professional Internship and Co-op (UPIC) program provides over 900 paid, on campus internships for Clemson University undergraduate students. The UPIC program is a leader in the creation of a campus-wide culture that involves students partaking in meaningful and relevant developmental experiences. Students have the opportunity to work alongside Clemson University faculty and staff gaining professional work experience in their field of interest and study. UPIC interns are required to register for the online Internship (INT) Course and complete all related assignments.

Students interested in participating in the UPIC program can apply to UPIC internship positions through ClemsonJobLink. For more information on how to access ClemsonJobLink click here.

Through the UPIC program, undergraduate students have the opportunity to secure an academic notation validating their internship experience on their transcript. Once students have secured a UPIC internship, interns are required to register for the online Internship (INT) Course and complete all related assignments.

Course Fee

The fee for the course is $200. The last day to withdraw from the class without a W Grade is consistent with the last day to withdraw from any course according to the Clemson University academic calendar, which can be found at

INT Course Registration

Students must resister for the required INT course through iRoar before the last day to add courses for the semester. If you are having trouble adding the following INT courses: INT 1520, 1530, 1540, 2520, 2530 or 2540 please contact Dr. Caren Kelley-Hall at If you are having trouble adding the following INT courses: INT 1510 or 2510 please contact Lisa Robinson at

INT Course Sections

Part-Time Internships - 160 hours
1st Internship Experience INT 1510-001
2nd Internship Experience INT 1520-001
3rd Internship Experience INT 1530-001
4th Internship Experience INT 1540-001

Full-Time Internships - 320 hours
1st Internship Experience INT 2510-001
2nd Internship Experience INT 2520-001
3rd Internship Experience INT 2530-001
4th Internship Experience INT 2540-001

Internship Course Training

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University Professional Internship and Coop (UPIC) internships are paid, on-campus internships that provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to expand their knowledge and gain hands on experience in their fields of study/interest, working along side Clemson University’s faculty and/or staff. All UPIC internships are documented on your transcript.

Yes, all UPIC interns are required to register for the INT course. All UPIC interns secure an academic notation on their transcripts.

The UPIC program provides part-time and full-time internship experiences for undergraduate students. Part-time interns need to complete a total of 160 hours and Full-time interns need to complete a total of 320 hours. All hours must be completed by the last day of the semester.

All UPIC internship positions are posted through ClemsonJobLink. Typically Summer and Fall internships are posted towards the end of the Spring Semester and all Spring internship are posted towards the end of the Fall semester. These timelines are subject to change, so make sure to actively looking in ClemsonJobLink for new postings and deadlines.

No, there is not a limit. If you meet the eligibility requirements (interns must be an enrolled, full-time (12+ credit hours for part-time interns) undergraduate student in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0) AND you have successfully completed your previous UPIC experiences, you may participate. However, once an intern has completed 4 semesters as a UPIC intern (cumulative of all semesters in ANY department), the 5th and all future semesters will not be fund matched by UPIC and the employing department will be responsible for 100% of the salary.

If you receive a "No Pass", you will need to meet with one of our site coordinators to create a success plan BEFORE you begin another UPIC internship.
If you receive a 2nd "No Pass" consecutively to the first one, you will be required to sit out of the UPIC program the next semester that you are enrolled.
If you receive a 3rd "No Pass" overall, you will not be allowed to participate in any future UPIC internships.

UPIC Internship Postings

Sample UPIC Positions [PDF]