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Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Michelin Career Center

Preparing for the Upcoming Career Fairs

  • The Preparing for the Fair events will be posted in November.

  • RSVP for the Fairs Online in ClemsonJobLink!
    Log-in to ClemsonJobLink and indicate you will "attend."

  • See Who's Coming! Log into ClemsonJobLink to see the Employers registered to attend for each event and day. Be sure to indicate you will "Attend" so employers know you will be attending.

Preparation Before the In-Person Career Fairs

Upcoming Fairs and Events

  • Spring Campus Wide Career Fairs:
    • Monday, February 6 - Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering and Science,
      Noon to 4 pm EST, Littlejohn Coliseum
    • Tuesday, February 7 - All Industries and Majors,
      Noon to 4 PM EST, Littlejohn Coliseum
    • Wednesday, February 8 - Social Sciences, Humanities and Business,
      Noon to 4 PM EST, Littlejohn Coliseum
  • Education Majors Fair
    Wednesday, Febrary 8, Noon to 4 PM EST , Littlejohn Coliseum