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Competency Symposium Webinar 2020

The Planning Team has finalized the dates for the 2021 Competency Symposium that we will hold in Austin, TX and and these dates are posted on the 2021 Syposium pages on the Symposium website. We recognize NACE will be holding its annual conference expo from June 6-9, 2021 in Austin, TX, but selecting dates in May allows for faculty and campus partners to attend. Having them part of the conversation is important to the purpose of the Symposium.

To support institutions with their work related to creating an institution-wide competency initiative, the Planning Team hosted two FREE webinars to provide an overview of the Four Pillar Framework for creating an institution-wide competency initiative and offer ways to get your conversations going to enhance your institution’s work. Each webinar covered the same content and the Planning Team encourages teams to watch the webinars together to prompt discussion and action planning. The webinars were open to those who did and didn’t register for the Symposium at no cost, so feel free to share with colleagues at other institutions.

Competency Symposium Webinar 2020 Slideshow [pdf]

Webinar Resources:

We know different institutions and organizations are implementing different responses related to travel, operations, help minimize risk. While saddened by the cancellation, we appreciate your understanding. We hope not worrying about whether or not the event will occur or if your travel will or won’t be impacted, will allow you to take care of yourself, family, colleagues, and fulfill your institution’s/organization’s role in supporting the safety and wellness of others as much as possible.

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