Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Career Development & Recruiting

Checking in for your On-Campus Interview

All On-Campus Interviews take place at the Center for Career and Professional Development, 3rd floor of the Hendrix Student Center unless otherwise stated.

To Check-In for an Interview

  • Enter the reception area and on the right by the front desk you will see a computer to check-in.
  • Swipe your Clemson ID card.
  • If you do not have your card, you may enter your number. If you do not remember your number, ask the person at the front desk to look up your student ID number.
  • After you have entered your student ID number a screen will appear with employer names that are interviewing.
  • Select the employer name you have your interview with.
  • The next screen will ask if it is for “full-time” or an “internship”, select which one.
  • Then press “okay”.
  • Please have a seat in the reception waiting area where the employer will call you when ready. There is an area designated to store backpacks and coats during your interview.

Note - if you have multiple interviews on one day, please select only one employer at a time as it causes confusion on the employer side of check-in.