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Employer Information Sessions

The Career Center advertises Information Sessions held by visiting employers looking to recruit Clemson Students in ClemsonJobLink. These sessions take place both on and off-campus throughout the school year and are a great way to network and learn about employers. You can find out about these sessions on ClemsonJobLink under the orange "Events" tab and select "Information Sessions".

Job Search Security

Safeguard Your Job Search and Protect Your Image

Although the majority of job listings and organizations are legitimate, you may encounter scams, falsified information, or situations that can be physically or financially risky. You may also encounter situations where employers have found information about you online. Follow the link above to learn more about safeguarding your job search and protecting your professional image.

Job Seeker Scams

Job searching can be a very vulnerable time for an individual—both emotionally, as well as the fact that your personal information (including full name, address, phone number, etc.) is being repeatedly sent to others via e-mail or through applying for jobs on websites. Scam artists can and have taken advantage of this.

Job Search Resources


ClemsonJobLink is part of NACElink, the world's largest network of college and university career centers and includes over 5 million employers. Through ClemsonJobLink, students are able to connect not only with employers who are directly seeking Clemson graduates, but also with employers accross the country who are posting at numerous colleges and universities. For employers who are seeking a Clemson graduate, ClemsonJobLink can help to effectively connect with Clemson students and recent alumni to achieve their recruiting goals.


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Offers the most comprehensive online resource using a keyword search viewing opportunities within 5 to 100 miles from major cities.


A web resource designed to help candidates search country career guides, H-1B info, key employer directory, internships, and full-time employment opportunities, internationally.

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