Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Career Development & Recruiting

Full-time Career Services

Prior to graduation we offer students full time job postings, on-campus interviews and career events for networking with hundreds of companies every semester. Log onto your ClemsonJobLink account to search for opportunities with domestic and global companies.


ClemsonJobLink is Clemson University’s on-line recruiting system for students and employers to connect. ClemsonJobLink has thousands of employers posting jobs and scheduling on-campus interviews specifically for Clemson students and first year alumni. ClemsonJobLink is part of NACElink, the world's largest network of college and university career centers and includes over 5 million participating employers. Students can apply to part-time jobs, internships and full-time job as well as view employers attending career fairs.

Job Postings

ClemsonJobLink contains hundreds of current job postings from various employers who are not coming on-campus to interview students. This is an excellent way to find national and international career opportunities from a variety of employers who are interested in Clemson undergraduate and graduate students.

On-Campus Interviewing

The On-Campus Interview service offers students the opportunity to interview on-campus with diversified industries. In order to participate in on-campus interviews, students must complete their profile (personal and academic) and upload a resume in ClemsonJobLink. Students can upload more than one resume, along with any other document(s) based on the employer’s request. For more information and tips, please refer to our page On-Campus Interview Process.

Employer Information Session

The Center advertises Information Sessions held by visiting employers looking to recruit Clemson Students in ClemsonJobLink. These sessions take place both on and off-campus throughout the school year and are a great way to network and learn about employers.

Career Fairs and Events

The Michelin® Career Center offers a series of special events throughout the academic year. These events bring employers to campus to meet students, discuss employment opportunities, arrange for interviews or conduct preliminary screening of candidates, and provide a more personalized touch to the job search process.