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Versatile PhD Graduate Student Resource

Are you a graduate student in the Humanities, Social Sciences or STEM disciplines concerned about your future or wondering about nonacademic careers? Help is on the way.

A new resource called The Versatile PhD is now available that demystifies nonacademic careers for students with advanced degrees. It can show plausible career paths and provide robust support should you decide to prepare for a possible non-academic career. You can:

  • Read first-person narratives written by real humanities and social science PhDs and ABDs who have established non-academic careers, describing how they did it and sharing their advice from experience
  • Join a thriving, supportive web-based community where you can dialogue with "Versatile PhDs" in and outside the academy

The service is completely confidential.  No one at any university will know you are using this website unless you tell them. 

The Versatile PhD mission is to help humanities, social science and STEM graduate students identify and prepare for possible non-academic careers. "We want them to be informed about academic employment realities, educated about non-academic career options, and supported towards a wide range of careers, so that in the end, they have choices." The key concept with Versatile PhD is versatility: the ability to apply your skills and interests in a wide variety of fields.


To get started using Veratile PhD, simply register here:

If you have not created an account with Versatile PhD, you will need to create an account by following this link: Register for Versatile PhD. Versatile PhD has some basic free services you can access and an expanded menu of services and resources if you choose a paid membership.