Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Career Development & Recruiting

Choosing a Major Tips

  1. Identify interests, skills, abilities and work values.
  2. Review the majors that are available to you.
  3. Visit departments of interest and make appointments with advisors. Talk with teachers, friends, and people in the field that you are interested in and ask questions.
  4. Research/Investigate different fields/careers through informational interviewing.
  5. Visit the Career Center. There are resources available that can help you narrow your choices further. Counselors can also assist you in exploring specific careers tied to the majors you are considering.
  6. Picking your major is a process. Do not expect an epiphany! Remember these steps:
    • Self-assessment
    • Information gathering
    • Decision Making
    • Planning & Preparation

    Choose a major you have enthusiasm for and do well in. This will make it easier to maintain a high GPA, which is an important selection criterion to most employers and Graduate /Professional Schools.

  7. Consider internships, job shadowing, volunteering and summer jobs in the areas you think you might like to enter.
  8. Ask yourself these questions:
    • What do you want to read and learn about for the next four years?
    • What kinds of classes come naturally for you?
    • How do you learn best—through lectures, small group work, discussions or hands-on application?
    • What kind of assignments do you prefer to do- papers, presentations, labs, etc.
  9. Relax. This decision will not limit your options after college unless you let it. People from all different majors succeed in widely varied fields. You have four years to prepare yourself for a career choice by supplementing your major with career-related internships and supporting coursework.
  10. You can always change your mind! Most students change their minds at least once!