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Internships provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain work experience and make connections with professionals in their field prior to graduating. However, sometimes incidents occur, mishaps take place, or negative situations arise that are not conducive to a safe and supportive learning environment. This can come in the form of accidents, verbal and physical assaults, and inappropriate behaviors.

Whether a student intern, a mentor, or a bystander, this page is dedicated to helping individuals maneuver through those concerns and report internship problems to the proper authorities. In addition to reporting internship problems via the appropriate channels listed, we highly recommend also informing your internship site coordinator, instructor, advisor, and/or faculty member.

Injury | Illness | Discrimination | Sexual Assault/Harassment

The Office of Risk Management reviews the plans for campus student events to assist them with safety procedures and appropriate insurance limits and needs.

The staff of Risk Management also strives to be the "go to" person whenever anyone on campus has questions about their department's insurance needs, accidents occurring on campus or accidents occurring on or off campus that pertain to University-owned vehicles (Risk Management, n.d.).

Why/When to Contact Risk Management?
• Insurance Questions
• Injured while working at Clemson
• Tort

Helpful Links
Risk Management’s Home Page
Accident Insurance
Foreign Travel
Risk Management FAQ’s

391 College Avenue, Suite 202
Clemson, SC 29631
Phone: 864-656-3354

Office of Global Engagement's International Services area works with incoming international students to provide valuable information, service, and advice to meet the needs of our community. As an international student or scholar at Clemson University, International Services is a valuable resource for your immigration, employment, and support needs.

OGE's International Services contributes to the facilitation of international educational exchange on the campus of Clemson University by providing immigration related support services to international students and scholars.

108 Long Hall
Box 345714
Clemson, SC 29634-5714

The Office of Access and Equity coordinates the development of policy, procedures, programs and services related to equality of opportunity in employment, business access, admissions, retention, academics, advancement and general treatment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. Access and Equity monitors the University’s compliance with all federal, state and University policies related to equitable treatment and unlawful discrimination.

Office of Access and Equity
223 Brackett Hall
Clemson, SC 29634
Phone: 864-656-0620

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
Notice of Non-Discrimination
Policy and Procedures Related to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence (including provisions required by the Violence Against Women Act [VAWA]) PDF
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity (PDF)
Disabled & Vietnam-Era Veterans (PDF)
Statement Concerning Amorous Relationships (PDF)
HIV Disease and AIDS (PDF)
Individuals with Disabilities (PDF)
Notice of Pregnancy Accommodation Rights

Procedures for Resolution of Harassment/Discrimination/Retaliation Complaints (PDF)
ADA Online Incident Report Form
Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation On-line Reporting
SC Pregnancy Accommodations – For Employees (PDF)
American with Disabilities (ADA)
Policies and Procedures
Contact Us

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the mental health department of Student Health Services, offers a wide array of services along a continuum of intensity for various psychological issues. You are encouraged to be an active participant in your medical and mental health care. Which service is the optimal treatment for you hinges your Individual Assessment. A diagnostic interview is conducted at the initial point of contact.

Why/When to Contact Counseling Services?
• When you feel like you may be suffering from a mental health issue—suicidal ideations, depressive symptoms, eating disorder symptoms, etc.
• If you have been sexually assaulted and need support or have questions about what to do next

Helpful Links

Main office: 864-656-2451

For after-hours support, call the Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222 and ask for the CAPS counselor on call.

CAPS maintains a 24-hour on-call service, and staff members serve weeklong rotations.

Redfern is the on-campus organization that provides medical and mental health care.

Why/When to Contact Redfern?
•  Traditional medical services offered
•  Redfern has a Women’s Clinic that can:
  Provide support and resources after sexual assault
  Complete STI and HIV testing
  Provide STI treatment
  Complete pregnancy testing
•  Redfern also has medical care for everyone of all genders and can provide the same support after sexual assault.

Helpful Links
Student Care Eligibilty
Interpersonal Violence Resources

Appointment line: 864-656-1541
General information: 864-656-2233
Women’s Clinic: 864-656-1541
After-Hours Nurse Line: 864-656-2233 (Choose Option 2)

International Travel
All students participating in a study abroad program or other university-affiliated international travel (student organizations, international co-op or internship, dissertation research, university-funded travel, etc.) are required to use international insurance per the directions below.

Other Programs and University-Affiliated Travel
Students participating in exchange programs, direct-enrollment programs, some third party programs, and other university-affiliated travel are required to use Clemson University’s international insurance coverage through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This insurance policy covers basic medical expenses, medical evacuation, medical reunion, repatriation, and a security evacuation rider. Students can enroll for up to 1 additional month of coverage if planning to extend time abroad. The enrollment must be completed prior to departure and proof of insurance submitted via the Clemson Abroad online application system.

Students participating in university-affiliated travel (student organizations, international co-op or internship, dissertation research, university-funded travel, etc.) should follow the directions on our International Volunteer, Co-op, or Other Travel page and contact to discuss their travel plans.

Automobile Business Purposes
Automobiles and Fleets
Employees' Responsibility in Automobile Accidents:
Each employee is responsible for the accident procedures when involved in an automobile accident in a University vehicle. If an employee is unable to contact his/her supervisor or the Office of Risk Management, the accident should be reported immediately to the University's claims adjuster, American Southern Insurance Company at 1-800-713-2205.
Auto and Travel Liability FAQs

Significant Telephone Numbers
• Risk Management Telephone Numbers:
  Linda Rice - 864-656-3354
  Denise Godwin - 864-656-3365
• South Carolina Highway Patrol:
  Dial 911 for assistance

Foremost Procedures
Automobile Accident
Driving Personal Vehicle on business
Acquiring vehicles for department
Automobile Liability Insurance Card
Rental Car Insurance
Driver Safety Guidelines
Fleet Safety Program
Important Forms
Motor Vehicle Accident Report

Workers' Compensation
Please Note:
In case of injury, it is an employee’s responsibility to notify his/her supervisor or department head immediately. Any injury, no matter how slight, must be reported to your supervisor and the First Report of Injury form must be completed. The form will be submitted to Risk Management at through Adobe Reader or can be printed and faxed to Risk Management at 864-656-4558.

Medical Attention for the Work-Injured Employee:
If the injured employee, or his/her supervisor, judges that medical attention is needed, the supervisor or other designated person must call CorVel at 1-866-282-2674 to report the injury and assist in completing the First Report of Injury with a Nurse Case Manager. The employee will be referred to Redfern Health Center or an AUTHORIZED Off Campus Medical Facility. In the event of life or limb-threatening emergencies, contact 9-1-1 or seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency facility.

Please click here for additional procedures and forms

Health Insurance
Student Health Insurance

Local Help
 Greenville Health Care System
 Clemson Police
 Greenville Police

Help at Different Clemson Campuses
• Charleston Campus
• CU-ICAR Campus
  Greenville Health Care System
  Greenville Police
• Beauford Campus