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Off-Campus Internship Program

Off-campus Graduate Internship Course (INT)

Hello potential INT Graduate Student!

The Center for Career and Professional Development is pleased to inform you about the graduate internship course we offer. INT 8010 is our full-time internship course and requires a minimum of 320 internship-site hours. The course corresponds with students via the web, which enables students to intern on local and national levels. Should you choose to enroll in the class, your first responsibility will be to secure an internship in your field of interest. Please note that internship site approval by the INT course instructors is required on or before the last day that students may add a class to their course schedule in any given semester. Should you desire, the Career Center can assist you in navigating our internship search resources.

For international students seeking to utilize CPT, please connect with the Office of International Services to ensure you are eligible.

The fee for the course is $200. The last day to withdraw from the class without a W Grade is consistent with the last day to withdraw from any course according to the Clemson University academic calendar, which can be found at

If you need any help with completing forms or sending letters to your department concerning your internship experience to your internship site, please do not hesitate to contact Randa Johnson (contact information given below).

Students can add the course to their course load just as they would any other class through iRoar. If it is after the last day to register/add a class, contact:
Randa Johnson, MA at

Use the following course abbreviation, course number, and section number: INT 8010, 001

Click here for a detailed document with registration instructions.

Once students add the course, all course documents will be found in Canvas.

  • Receive support from the Career Center during your internship to help you make the most of the experience.
  • Covered by University policies such as liability protection, anti-discrimination, and harassment policies. We will serve as your advocate.
  • The INT course will appear on your transcript providing an official credential of the experience. This can help you in the competitive job search process at graduation.
  • If you are interning on a full-time basis and not taking any courses during the fall or spring, registering for the full-time course will keep you an “enrolled student.” Failing to remain an enrolled student will require you to reapply for admission to the university.
  • By being enrolled in an internship course, the income you earn from the internship is treated differently for financial aid determination. It may also place your scholarships on pause, not start your federal student loan repayment plan, and keep you continuously enrolled for insurance purposes. You are strongly encouraged to speak with Student Financial Services and Financial Aid prior to your internship experience to discuss your personal situation. The Center for Career and Professional Development CANNOT verify for your personal financial aid situation.
  • Course fee instead of tuition.
  • Online course to allow you to intern anywhere in the world.

  1. Contact and Responsibilities Form & Prospectus – You are responsible for completing the Career Center Contact and Responsibilities Form and Prospectus with your site mentor and turning it in to the INT instructor. A fillable PDF form is located within the Course Documents area of the course in Canvas; you can also click here to view and download a copy of the contract.   This form must be turned into our office for approval. Please check the accuracy of your supervisor’s contact information when completing the contract. Please contact Randa Johnson should you have any questions or concerns about this matter.

  2. Information Quiz - As the course description notes, we provide you with a Michelin Career Center information quiz on internships and how to make the most of them. Since you may not be interning in the Clemson area, please view the INT – Workshop PDF located within the Course Assignments area of the course in Canvas (instead of attending an in-person workshop) and answer the ten questions located in Canvas.

  3. Resume or Cover Letter Critique (Section 002 & 003) - You will be responsible for getting either your resume (8010-002) or cover letter (8010-003) critiqued by your supervisor or mentor. Based on the critiques, update your document and discuss at least 3 competencies within the documents. Submit a PDF copy of the critiqued documents as well as a PDF copy of the new version to the assignment portion of Canvas. Please also submit a copy of your position description for tailoring purposes.

  4. Hours Documentation -  Submit a spreadsheet documenting all hours and methods for obtaining hours.

  5. Final Evaluations - Your last assignment for the internship course will be two final electronic evaluations. One evaluation you will complete, and it has a reflection essay question. The other evaluation your supervisor will complete about you and your experience. We will send the documents via email to you and your site mentor with about four weeks left in the semester. Both documents will be due at the end of the semester prior to final exam dates.

We look forward to potentially working with you through INT 8010. Please let us know if you have questions, concerns or updates and feel free to call, stop by, or email at any time.

Randa Johnson, MA
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs and Off-Campus Internships
Michelin Career Center
Center for Career and Professional Development
Clemson University
(864) 656-4189