Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Reporting and Data Resources

While serving our students is our number one priority, we know data is important to all of our stakeholders. We hope the following reporting and data resources are helpful to our students, families, faculty/staff, and employers.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide an overview of the services, events, and programs provided to undergraduate, graduate students, and first-year alumni. Our data reporting cycle runs from August 15 – August 14 to follow the academic year.

Over 31,000

student contacts for 2016-2017


of the class of 2017 participated in counseling or workshops during their time at Clemson

First Destination Survey

We collect information on students’ “first destination” after Clemson, salary information, and experiential education, study abroad, and research opportunities students engaged in while at Clemson. We created an interactive webpage that allows you to filter the data. Click on the link to view the results. A brief tutorial will pop up on how to use the dynamic webpage.

We distribute a survey to all of Clemson University’s graduates (bachelors, masters, and doctorate) within two weeks of the three commencement ceremonies (August, December, and May). Students receive automated reminders over a 3 month period.


of students completing the 2017-2018 first destination survey reported having accepted a full-time offer or were working full-time at the time of graduation.


of students finishing their bachelors degrees reported having an internship or cooperative education assignment as a Clemson student.

National Salary Resources

Even though our department collects salary data from our university’s graduates, we know it is also helpful to look at national salary resources as well.

  • NACE Salary Calculator and Salary Data Center
    • Students: The National Association of Colleges and Employers offers the most accurate compensation data available.

    • Employers: The National Association of Colleges and Employers offers the most accurate compensation market data available for human resource professionals.

  • AAUW Salary Negotiaton Workshop - The American Association of University Women is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that works to champion equity for women and girls. AAUW’s salary negotiation workshops are designed to help you negotiate for a new job, raise, or promotion.
  • Considering a Job Offer
  • NerdWallet - NerdWallet's Cost of Living Tool is a resource for new grads and college students to compare costs between two cities based on lifestyle and data-driven information. Additionally, it offers articles and studies on the best cities for new grads, job seekers, and aspiring homeowners.
  • PayScale - PayScale is a market leader in global online compensation data. With the world's largest database of individual employee compensation profiles, PayScale provides an immediate and precise snapshot of the job market.
  • - offers helpful resources for people at every money moment of their career.
  • - offers several money management calculators including this Cost of Living Calculator.
  • LinkedIn Salary Resource