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Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development

Cooperative Education Program

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Authorization Application Instructions

International students requiring CPT authorization and registration with the Cooperative Education Program must schedule an appointment with a co-op program advisor. Prior to the appointment, the following steps must be completed.

  1. Print the IS-130 form found under “Forms and Documents” on the International Services website.
  2. Print a copy of the offer letter from the hosting company.
  3. Complete Parts I and II of the IS-130 form. (CPT start and end dates must match the dates written in the offer letter.)

When these steps have been completed, then the student is ready to call the Co-op Program at 864-656-3150 to schedule the appointment with a co-op advisor. The student must bring the IS-130 form and the offer letter from the hosting company to the appointment.

The Co-op Program is located in the Center for Career and Professional Development in Suite 316 on the 3rd floor of the Hendrix Center.

During the appointment with the co-op advisor, the student will be admitted to the program and will be approved for the appropriate co-op course registration. The co-op advisor will also review the expectations and requirements of the program and will provide additional instructions.

After this meeting, the student will ensure that the academic advisor has also signed the form and then will be ready to submit the IS-130 application and other paperwork to the International Services Office.

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